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Suicide club minus 2


Kaivaan - Escape feat. Rosie G.


(Photo credits to Antonette, shes a dear!!! such a beautiful photo!)

I. Was the first crush in your life something you had or something someone had on you? Elaborate further like tell me about this girl man.


I had a crush on SAMMMMMMMMMMM when I was like 4

it was just ur average puppy love kid crush I guess, nothing much else to elaborate on

now shes my daughter


I looked cute and felt cute today. I hope everyone else had a good day!!!



we run dis town


hell yeah bffl =))


I got really stoned one night and then this happened

And now I’m being peer pressured into making this public so here

Instrumental: Lucid Dream (ft. Alex Marie) by Edo Lee

Pretending like I know how to write rhymes 
Instead of being efficient I’m just here wasting time
Their click-clocks are tick-tocking while mine seems to be set several days behind
Pretending like I’m some sort of artist
These days the hardest part is choosing between living for yourself and those with heavy pockets
Dare you to try acting without emulating all the men and women who you’ve always hated
Never can be thankful enough for this innate inclination to be particularly cautious about my intonation
To feel these rhythms, these syncopations, the ability to feel the beat of a tune that wasn’t made by me
Or is it fascination with creation? Perhaps passion struggling against some obsession with perfection
Pretending like I have enough sage to answer life’s questions but I only have enough to last a few more weekends
Enough to dry my eyes out for a little while
Enough to pause the clock for a little while
Enough to get high as a rocket, out of this world, let me sit this assssssss on this


s/o to stacy for takin da photoz :-)

"can you take a picture of us

but dont laugh”

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