2.3% gay
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five two

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the voice of people you care about after a rough day is a great feeling


"Fashion Surgery" by Mintdesigns Fall/Winter 2011 photographed by Yoshitugu Enomoto

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This old Japanese guy asked me if I was Japanese
No I’m koreaboo

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James Minimal -

Andrei Molodkin - Cube

Acrylic tubes filled with crude oil and argon gas

Andrei Molodkin was born in Boui, a town North of Moscow, Russia and started drawing using a simple ballpoint pen when he served in the Russian Army, where he worked delivering crude oil in Siberia. Through his work, Molodkin transforms oil from an organic resource into an aesthetic from and raises important questions regarding the role of “black gold”, within the contemporary Western culture. He comments on the role of oil as the source of cultural dominance and confronts the significance of a national resource turning into a national identity.

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if u ever see me irl ur gonna be so disappointed

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